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From delivery to specialist drinks wholesaler  Getränke Mohr GmbH & Co. KG Founded in 1967, the family business Getränke Mohr has been operating  as a  GmbH (limited liability company) since the end of 2012. To achieve an  even better market position, the company, which is a leading distributor of  drinks, successfully obtained certification according to DIN  ISO 9001.  “The certification last year was an important step for us. We achieved a  unique selling point as compared to competitors and we offer customers  and employees important standards and guarantees”, explains managing  director Rainer Mohr.  The hotel and gastronomy industries, important segments of  his  customer base, place increasing importance on the quality checks  guaranteed by certification. The 38-year-old took over management of the company  from  his father and company founder Ottmar Mohr approximately two years  ago. “With certification, we also guarantee remuneration of the minimum wage,  social components and logistics standards”. For this purpose, he and ten  employees expended many hours of work over six months to define and  clarify  workflows. Tips were provided by an external reviewer during an audit in  November. The certificate was available at the end of December. The  efforts also resulted in an improved work environment: “We have become more  united and transparent”, stresses Mohr, who is supported in all changes by his  older brother Walter. The original classic drinks delivery company in  Römerberg has developed into a successful medium-sized company with  specialist drinks markets in Offenbach near Landau, Bellheim, Heiligenstein  and Mechtersheim.  
As a specialist wholesaler, Getränke Mohr delivers products to  approximately 300 customers within an 80 kilometre radius of the  distribution centre in Zeiskam in Rhineland-Palatinate, including canteens,  restaurants, hotels, small drinks retailers and markets, and industrial  companies.   The range comprises about 3,500 items, including mineral water, beer,  spirits and wine, Mohr explains. Moreover, the company offers party  equipment such as refrigerator wagons, glasses, marquee sets and fridges.  As a leading distributor, the company is a main trader in the southern  Palatinate region for specific mineral water types and breweries. In  addition, the company started its own brand three years ago and already  has 43 products in the range. Mineral water, wine, juice, beer, sparkling  wine, soft drinks and energy drinks are manufactured according to the  company’s own recipes, filled by sub-contractors, and sold via the  company’s own drinks markets, fellow traders, and to customers. “Because  there are no marketing costs, we can offer better quality at very reasonable  prices”, explains a pleased Rainer Mohr. Last year, he invested a five-figure  sum in improving workflows, modernising conveyor equipment such as  forklifts, certification, and staff training.   The businessman is currently  planning to expand storage capacity, further improve the vehicle fleet, and  upgrade the storage and office systems. He plans to invest the same figure  again in 2013 in order to achieve this. In addition, Getränke Mohr intends  to increase focus on major customers, including industrial companies. He  and his employees see the certification as validation and motivation at the  same time: “The next audit is in November, and we want to be even better  by then”. He also tells us that a homepage is in preparation. (kahy)  WIRTSCHAFTSMAGAZIN PFALZ 4/2013 Link to the article  

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